Using The Training Mask 2.0 For Bar Muscle Ups & Burpees


Using The Training Mask 2.0 For Bar Muscle up’s & Burpees


At HellaLife we don’t just sell products we test and use everything single item we back to make sure it actually works and fits our lifestyles.  Here we have CrossFit Level 1 Coach and Regional Athlete Sean Glanzman doing bar muscle ups and burpees using the Elevation Training Mask 2.0.  It’s always great to be able to have our in-house box not just for our WOD’s but for testing out various products with our athletes.   The Training Mask 2.0 is used to increase lung capacity and increase cardiovascular endurance while training with use over long periods of time.  It’s purpose is to simulate high altitude training which is why you see so many athletes traveling to places like Big Bear, CA.  You can see everyone from professional athletes using this tool to endurance sports, MMA and all in between.

Once again we don’t just sell products, we #LivetheLife


You can purchase the Training Mask 2.0 and Sleeves at HellaLife for $79.99.

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