Strong is Sexy – The Girls of California Strength



Strong is Sexy – The Girls of California Strength

We are all about supporting the Strong is Sexy movement within the Fitness and CrossFit community and this video is no exception.  It’s 8mins of the girls from California Strength displaying their skills and man it’s impressive.

Here are the girl’s featured in the video:

California Strength’s Nicole “Littlest” Lim, Casey Hutnick, Ali Letsch & Leah Rhodes
Team Texas’ Erin Garcia
Midtown Barbell’s Cecily Basques, Emelie Parker & Rae Shih
Sac State’s Mary Peck
Monterey Barbell’s Ariel Stephens
Crossfit Sweatshop’s Jessica Relei, Rene Garcia & Dana Tabacco

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