The Benefits of Waking Up Early and Getting Shit Done!!


The Benefits Of Waking Up Early and Getting Shit Done

A few years back, I was vacationing in Maui and a friend of mine says to me “I wish I lived here. Not for the ocean, mountains or any of that, they are nice and all, but the time zone difference is perfect. Think, you can wake up at 3am and be done with work by 10am, which is 4pm EST. Then you can take a nap until 1pm and still have the whole day to hangout, and end up passing out at dark.”
I had an epiphany that day, which I’ll never forget. It didn’t matter what time zone location I was in, I could still follow his schedule. Why not wake up at 3am? Why not be done with work before lunch and have the rest of the day to yourself? I decided to try it.
Turns out waking up early and getting shit done is f@cking awesome!
There’s so many benefits to waking up early, that you’ll never know about, unless you try it. Yes, I’m aware that at first it’s going to suck. Much like anything else, once you commit and make a routine of it, it becomes normal operating procedure. You may be tired the first few days, but that will make you sleep better and ultimately go to bed earlier too.
While everyone else is asleep you’re getting work done
One of the best benefits of waking up early and getting shit done, is that it’s really quiet from 3am to 8am. While everyone else is sleeping, you can respond to emails, work without distraction and stay focused on your tasks without interruption. Even from your family! My whole house is uncontrollably distracting when my family is awake. While they sleep, I get shit done. This allows me to spend better time with them when they are awake, and I’m work free.
You spend less money by waking up early
You know what they say about “nothing good happens after midnight”? It’s true. Hitting the bars, clubs and hanging out all night chasing tail can take a toll on you the next day. If you’ve been awake since 3am, you’ll most likely pass on the night life. You’ll be ready for bed when your friends are ready to party.
It may suck at first, sacrificing your social life for work, but trust me, you can cry about it later in your Ferrari while they are out shopping for minvans. Even better is that by the time you see your people tired andhungover at work, you’re damn near done with your workload for the day.
Afternoon naps rock when you’re an adult
You know all that work you just did? The work that made you tired? It’s cool, you’re done with it all, so if you want to take a nape that’s cool too! I love taking a nap from 2pm -4pm most days. It’s a chance for me to make a midday recharge. Inevitably there will be clients, emails and work stuff that comes in later in the day, when I have a good nap, I can handle business all evening if needed.
It’s not that hard to switch up your sleeping routine
Million Dollar Listing NY’s star Ryan Serhant just mentioned how much he loves waking up at 430am. He says it gives him a jump start on the day while the rest are asleep. I couldn’t agree more. The morning is my quiet time. A time for me to answer emails, solve problems and lay out the battle plan for my day.
I’ll give you a run down of my daily routine so you can see for yourself the benefits of putting in the work while others sleep.
  • 430am (at latest) Wake up, get lemon water, hit computer to answer emails and write
  • 630am Head down the elevator to get coffee and shoot the shit with the neighbors
  • 730am Hit gym, get showered, breakfast etc
  • 9am study hour for information products etc
  • 10am sales calls/training calls
  • 12pm lunch
  • 1pm Last set of sales calls
  • 2pm meditate/nap
  • 4pm back at the computer
  • 6pm pick up kids
  • 7pm dinner with family
  • 9pm sleep

*once a week I go on a date night with Amy, we are usually in by midnight*

The above schedule has me getting roughly 9 hours of sleep each day and tons of productivity in. It also keeps me light years ahead of the competition, marketplace and life in general. If you really want to supercharge your productivity, you should start waking up early and getting shit done.
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Achieve The Ultimate State of Awareness w/ Yoga & Meditation

hellalife blog awareness yoga mediation

Practice yoga and meditation: achieve the ultimate state of awareness

All human beings perform some physical or mental activities all through the day. We are able to manage most of these activities with full concentration and awareness. But at some point of time when our minds do not feel relaxed we tend to deviate from our tasks. At few other instances our mind is completely relaxed and aware, but is not sharp enough to perform a task efficiently.

Is it practically possible to be completely aware, happy, relaxed and sharp at single point of time?

Yes, your mind can achieve such a state only with the regular practice of yoga and meditation; a state of mind which brings with it sharpness, precision, calmness and joy.

Achieve the state of awareness:

People who are not aware of their own actions are like sleepwalker, a person who is walking but doesn’t know the direction and path on which he or she is moving. Such a person tends to act on strongest impulse, get angry very often and is usually controlled by their mind.

Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps to make a person aware of his own self and the surrounding environment. You control your own mind and have receptive senses. You can see better, perceive better, think better, hear better and thus able to make better decisions.

Yoga and meditation energize the body and maintain it properly.

You can always be in a state of physical wellbeing by performing yoga and meditation. Yoga postures and asanas if performed properly and regularly, give a gentle massage to the internal organs; thus leading to a relaxed state of body, mind and soul. Your posture becomes relaxed; steady; and the body enters a state of joyful expansion. Yoga and meditation help you to become aware of your body; its pains and discomfort; and helps you focus to get rid of all such pains.

With regular practice of yoga and meditation you become aware of everything occurring inside the body and mind. You will never resist anything. Instead you will watch everything as a witness, with a smile on your face. More precisely with yoga and meditation you will learn to celebrate everything that comes your way on life.

Put yoga and meditation into practice and establish yourself’ in ‘Your Self; begin to feel the sense of belongingness with everything and everyone on Earth. Learn to be in peace with yourself, others and everything around you.

Eating with awareness is the key to a healthy body and mind. Improve your health and increase energy by eating with awareness. Not many of us take care to attain a state of peace and poise before eating. When you are upset or occupied with negative thoughts you tend to eat mindlessly. The negativity of your thoughts reaches to every cell of your body and harms you. Practice of yoga and meditation makes your mind aware of the quality and quantity of food you eat. You now tend to eat the right things in the right quantity, thus benefitting your body and ultimately your mind and soul.

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Practice Yoga and Meditation: Retrain Your Brain

hellalifeblog brain retrain

Practice yoga and meditation: retrain your brain

No level of success, money and power can satisfy the inner self of a person as yoga does. Yoga accompanied with various kinds of movements and meditation techniques helps to create the perfect synchrony of body, mind and soul. Regular practice of yoga and meditation impedes the otherwise constant churning of the mind and helps it to slow down. Your attention and focus diverts from other worldly things towards your internal self; your breath and soul. Later at some point of time, you will attain ultimate peace of mind and a state of heavenly bliss; something which everyone aims for in today’s stressful life.

Though performing the act of meditation might sound easy, but accessing that state of mind is difficult. It requires regular practice sessions and lots of patience, which most people lack in the hurried life of present day. Even small meditation sessions can deeply influence one’s experience as a human, by completely remodeling the physical structure of the brain.

Do yoga and meditation train the human brain?

Recent researches have revealed that yoga and meditation alters and remodel the physical structure of the brain; a result that has astonished neuroscientists all over the world. Earlier it was known that human mind reaches the apex of its growth at adulthood and can only deteriorate with passing time. The study discloses astonishing facts about the practice of meditation. Firstly, meditation increases the amount of gray matter present inside the brain. It is this gray matter that is responsible for the intelligence quotient of the human brain. The net effect is improved attention, controlled emotions, better processing of information, and increased flexibility of mind.

Learning meditation might be compared to learning a mental skill like math or music. Just like a student of math improves with every practice class, so are practitioners of meditation. With every small session of meditation, people attain a higher level of peace and poise. It trains the mind, helps to develop new connections between neurons-the basic components of the nervous system and improves interconnections between existing neurons. Due to all this the brain undergoes positive structural alterations beneficial to humans.

What is the final outcome of practicing yoga and meditation?

Steady and consistent practice of yoga leads to structural alterations which in turn help to improve his or her performance on any task or job. For instance it enhances a mathematician’s ability to solve math problems; improves a musician’s knack to understand and create better music or his audience.

Does the type of meditation being practice affect the efficiency of brain?

There are different types of meditation techniques practiced by different people. These include focusing attention on breathing; reciting a mantra; practicing calm by staying quiet; meditating whilst showing love towards your family. The technique followed by practitioners definitely affects the result of meditation.

When focusing on breath or mantra the brain restructures itself to improve concentration. This technique of meditation is the best for children lacking focus, particularly during studies. Simply practicing calm during meditation helps to develop a brain, which is more resilient and buoyant to stress. This practice of meditation is helpful to adults suffering form stress at home or work. Practicing meditation while you show love and compassion towards family restructures the brain in such a way that you feel more attached to others.

Attend sessions of yoga and meditation regularly and retrain your brain for future.

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HellaLife Top 5 Items For October


What up All,

This is my second installment of “Top 5” items or things I am enjoying and pondering this month.

  • Music I am jamming to–  So since it’s early in the month I’ll give you two options, one for day time and another for night. So for day time I’ve really been enjoying “Public Pervert” Remix by Interpol and for night I’ve been jamming to “Un Simple Histoire” by Thievery Corporation.
  • What I have been watching– I am by far not a TV person or a fan of watching a show that has multiple seasons. The commitment is just to big for me to handle. With that being said I did watch the shit out of the Narcos on Netflix. It took a solid eight hours of my day but totally worth it.
  • Favorite that I’m currently pondering– “People who are capable of thinking for themselves will rarely be part of the herd”. Donald Trump
  • Coffee I’m drinking this week- I’m currently enjoying coffee from a local roster here in the Philadelphia region called ReAnimator.  I’m currently drinking the “La Pastoria” bean which comes from Guatemala and is single origin. Some of the key notes are toasted almonds, milk chocolate, apple acidity with a creamy body. It’s fucking amazing!!
  • Book I’m currently reading– I just completed “The Art of Nonconformity” Set Your Own Rules & Live the Life you want by Chris Guillebeau. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is pondering the question of life and creating a life of importance. Chris talks about his travels, struggles, setbacks and tribulations while educating the reader.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend.

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Attain Peace & Poise of Mind Through Relaxation and Meditation

Meditation and Relaxation Blog Post

Wish to attain peace and poise of mind: practice relaxation and meditation

Human beings are the most beautiful creation; a wonderful combination of physical mental and spiritual attributes. Establishing equilibrium between these three attributes leads to attainment of poise, composure and selfconfidence. Practice of any form of exercises, such as running or aerobic surely helps in providing physical health. But, none of these forms of exercises aim towards spiritual growth, poise and enlightenment.

With too much of stress in work life, one surely needs to aim towards attaining peace and poise in mind. There are two techniques that will surely help to fulfill your wish of achieving poise.


Mindful Meditation

It is difficult to begin with, but produces assured results if practiced continuously with patience.


It is extremely vital to relax your body at regular intervals of time. There are many techniques of relaxation, which you can practice according to your comfort and convenience. Some of these techniques are progressive muscle relaxation, focused breathing and short focused relaxation sittings. Use any of these techniques to tame the non directional thoughts that crop up in your minds every-now-and-then.

Benefits of relaxation

Research in this field reveals that relaxation increases energy levels in the body, reduces hypertension, and treats insomnia or sleeplessness. If you are suffering with issues like low self-esteem and low selfconfidence, relaxation is the best solution to your issues.

Mindful Meditation

If you are one who gets confused even whilst you are to make small decisions, take out some time to practice Mindful Meditation. It will surely help you to make choices, when such situation arises. With regular practice you will learn to release your mind from being governed by the usual mental chatter. Gradually your mind will learn to focus on one particular thing that needs attention.

Benefits of mindful meditation

Mindful meditation is a key component in reducing excessive work related stress. It helps to reduce blood pressure, improves concentration and helps in combating depression. Just ten minutes daily practice of focused breathing will help you recapture all those skills that you have lost with the passage of time. A large part of population, doesn’t even remember the basic art of breathing, which they were born with.

Keep in mind that personal care is not about being self-centered. You will be able to look after others only when you are healthy and fit. Only then, you can concentrate on your career and commitments effectively.  Take some time out of your busy schedules; relax in solitude; practice meditation; stay healthy and happy!

We truly believe in order to live the life you want which we call “HellaLife” you need to train both the body and mind. I believe you can’t achieve greatness without both characteristics. You can be strong physically but if you’re weak upstairs at some point you will crumble. Being physically active my entire life has taught me to use fitness as a stress reliever but just like we train our muscles, we  need to train the muscles of the brain just as much.

What are some of your favorite techniques for relaxation and recovery?

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How Simple Meditation Techniques Can Drastically Reduce Anxiety

simple meditation-hellalife blog

Over forty years ago, a very unlikely person brought meditation to the attention of many people here in the West. Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist who graduated from Harvard Medical school, wrote the hugely popular book, The Relaxation Response, which introduced the US to all of the science behind why mediation was not only for spiritualityit holds the key for mind and body health as well.

Dr. Benson’s passion is to connect people to the power they have to control their own wellness though mind and body awareness. Through research and scientific exploration, he found a way to simplify the seemingly mystic nature of meditation and make them accessible to anyone, anytime.

The simplified version of meditation he presented is perfect for the busy person who has trouble slowing down enough to sit and eat—let alone sit and meditate.

This is good news, because meditation can offer strong, measurable improvements on health.

When thoughts run the show

In a recent post from Harvard Health Publications, Dr. Elizabeth Hodge explains how meditation can help anyone who is dealing with anxiety and stress. In her work as a psychiatrist at the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Disorders, she uses mindfulness meditation to help people dealing with anxiety. She described how difficult it is for many people who deal with distracting thoughts to distinguish between a productive, problem-solving idea and a nagging worry.

The idea that someone would have trouble making sense between the two thoughts—one leading to anxiety and one leading to peacemakes complete sense. For the worrier, oftentimes thoughts are very logical. Bad things happen every day. Our past teaches us that some people just can’t be trusted, so we make judgements about the future from the mistakes or mishaps in the past.

What’s wrong with this thought pattern is that our minds tend to highlight the most damaging, embarrassing, and painful things for us while glossing over everything else. When we let that “fear trigger” take control, we end up focusing on that pain—even reliving it.

What’s worse, sometimes logical fears can lead to illogical behaviors, constant anxiety, and intense bodily stress responses. Fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, and “raw nerves” are what we can physical experience when we’re emotionally unbalanced with negativity.

What’s the point of meditation?

Meditation helps us live with intention. With meditation, you will train your mind. An untrained mind moves down all of the anxious “rabbit holes”, but a trained mind can recognize the thought and realize that it doesn’t have to be controlled by the thought.

Meditation is the practice of letting go and relaxing.

It’s the opposite of clammy and cold, anxious and tense.

Meditation teaches you warmth and rest.

Meditation can help you separate negative thoughts from who you are as person. It allows you to accept the thought, without judgement, and let it float away.

 How do I meditate?

Herbert Benson taught us is that truly anyone can practice meditative techniques to get to the “relaxation response” of a healthier heart beat, relaxed muscles, and more efficient breathing. Here’s a similar take on what he suggests that is particularly helpful to those new to meditation.

Don’t meditate on a full stomach. During digestion, the blood is going to be channeled to your intestines and that’s not the ideal time to reap the physiological benefits of meditation.

Choose a time when you have 20 minutes or so of uninterrupted time. You can start with 10 and gradually work your way up.

Sit in a comfortable chair.

Start at your feet and work up to your head, scanning your body for tense muscles and letting that tension go.

Pick something to focus on. This could be a word, but focusing on breathing is very calming and works just as well, if not better.

Begin by breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth.

You’re meditating right now, but thoughts will pop in your head.

What you do now is just imagine them like a slow moving train or cloud that is just passing through. You don’t need to do anything about this thought—don’t judge it, just let it move on.

Keep focusing on your breath. Feel your arms, legs, and feet become warmer as your blood circulates more efficiently while you’re relaxed.

Notice how this relaxation feels.

Stop when you’re ready, but don’t use a timer—no sense in surprising the relaxation out of yourself.

Learning to meditate on your own is just the beginning. Once you learn these basic techniques, you don’t necessarily need the quiet environment. Some find successful relaxation is reached with just the meditative focus and the calmer breathing.

Try it for yourself, and find out how much better you can feel by learning theses simple meditation techniques.

Sources for further reading:

Harvard Health Publications:

About Dr. Herbert Benson:

HellaLife Women’s Buddha Tanks:
Hellalife buddha tank 2

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How Progressive Relaxation Can Help You Drastically Reduce Stress All Day


progressive relaxation hellalife

How Progressive Relaxation Can Help You Drastically Reduce Stress All Day

A headache after a stressful meeting, a tense jaw, a knot that simply won’t go away in your back—these can all be symptoms of clenched muscles that lead to tension and pain. Instead of feeling like a pawn in the game of life with stress always seeming to get the upper hand, what about learning to diffuse that stress before it causes discomfort?

With all the buzz given to mindfulness lately and how it can help manage emotions and stave off anxiety, the physical symptoms of stress have been largely ignored. But the problem with focusing only on mental techniques is that the body not only plays an active part in either inflating or deflating the stress response, it is also subject to the debilitating effects of stress, too.

Controlling tension in the body can be the missing key to controlling stress and anxiety in the mind.

Muscle tension and other symptoms of stress felt physically can contribute to a whole host of medical complaints like shortness of breath, chronic back pain, headache, and more. The symptoms, in turn, feed in to the overall stress burden and act like a snowball effect creating even more stress.

Because modern life oftentimes means sitting or standing for long periods of time and busy schedules, the body is now subject to an increased amount of unnatural tension with little time for rest and relaxation. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in an endless back and forth…

What if I told you that focusing on a tense muscle when you’re stressed can not only prevent tension that leads to pain, it can also play a huge role in interrupting your body’s “fight or flight” response? It’s true, and it’s as easy to achieve as adding a simple muscle technique through your day—progressive muscle relaxation.

You can use progressive relaxation techniques wherever you are — whether you’re sitting at your desk, on a stressful call, or in front of a class full highly demanding kids.

How to do progressive muscle relaxation:

When you first learn how to do progressive relaxation, it is ideal to work it first while you’re by yourself, and as you teach yourself what tension and relaxation feels like, it will then be easier to implement your technique wherever you are.

Lie down on your back and get comfortable.

You’re going to work each muscle group, beginning with your toes and working up your body to your face and head.

Now, tense your toes and feet for 5 seconds, then release.

Notice how your muscles feel as they relax, and feel the tension in the muscle melting.

Next, move up through each muscle group. Take as much time or as little time as you’d like—tensing, and then slowly relaxing your muscle into stillness.

Don’t forget to work your abdomen and back, and then shoulders and neck. These are the areas that hold the most tension.

Work your facial muscles, including your jaw.

 One you are finished, sit with the complete feeling of relaxation.

Now that you know how to do a complete session of progressive muscle relaxation, you can apply these techniques to specific muscle groups. Not only can you learn to relax your shoulders and neck on the spot, but you’ll also get much better at noticing when you have areas of tension anywhere, and you can then begin to use this relaxation technique to prevent that tension from spreading to larger areas.

You’ll find that with progressive relaxation, your body will learn to be calm in the moment and soon after, your mind will follow.

Checkout this good Progressive Relaxation (Relaxation & Stress Reduction) by Petter Fanning

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The Top 5 Benefits of Yoga For Human Life

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The Top 5 Benefits of Yoga For Human Life

The ‘life force’ also known as the ‘kundalini is placed at the base of the spinal column. The elevation or stimulation of this life force creates energy and power inside the human body. Yoga along with meditation is the most effective method of stimulating this ‘life force’ and produce energy.

Yoga is the perfect combination of physical postures and mental exercises, to bring about calm and poise to the human body, mind and soul. Physical postures, popularly known as ‘asanas’, help in making the body healthy. Mental techniques are known as ‘pranayama’ and include breathing exercises like ‘bhastrika’, ‘kapal bhati’ and ‘anulom vilom pranayama. These clean and detoxify the internal system from toxins and other impurities; thus help in treating many diseases. Meditation also known as ‘dhyana’ is an integral part of yoga and primarily aims at relaxing the mind.

Yoga can be defined as the union of individual with his or her inner self; a state when the perfectly controlled mind becomes capable of keeping away from all worldly desires. Yoga helps the person become totally absorbed in his or her own self and attain the stage of ultimate poise. It aims at transcending self to attain the zenith of enlightenment. Yoga is an integral part of most religions practiced and followed by people all over the world. It is the perfect way to live life; to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Benefits of yoga:

Yoga increases immunity.

Though most yogic asanas and exercises are quite simple, but their positive effects impact the body at the most complex level i.e. the cellular level. Yoga brings about an alteration in the gene expression; a phenomenon that leads to improved immunity specifically at the the cellular level. To everyone’s surprise an individual attains this state in a very short period of time. Yoga practices help a person breathe properly, causing improved blood circulation, better organ function; thus improving the overall health of the individual.

Yoga is a boon for respiratory diseases and disorders.

Yoga teaches the ‘ideal way to breathe’. Thus it helps in treating most respiratory disorders and diseases like asthma, severe bronchitis, other upper and lower respiratory tract diseases. Research has proved that regular practice of breathing exercises like bhastrika, kapal bhati and anulom vilom can cure severe cases of asthma and bronchitis.

Helps in treating insomnia.

Excessive work stress leads to anxiety and is the primary cause of sleep disorders leading to serious problems like insomnia. Most affected people do not know the way to tackle anxiety. Yoga helps to relax the mind; reduces the anxiety and improves sleep. Regular yoga sessions increase the time of deep sleep; thus helping the body and mind to relax in a short span of time.

Reduces stress and tension

Yoga induces the parasympathetic nervous system in the body, thus reducing the stress and tension caused by excessive workloads.

Increases flexibility of joints and tendons.

Specific yoga positions and exercises help to increase the flexibility of joints which are otherwise rigid. Regular practice of yoga exercises helps to provide better control of your body joints, tendons and ligaments.

With so many advantages to human mind, body and soul, yoga has become a ‘must do’ in today’s time. Just take out a few minutes from your busy lives; practice yoga asanas and exercises and stay healthy.


Yoga Mat: (Click on picture)

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Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious

What allows one person to maintain consistent training intensity, week in and week out, while those around him fall by the wayside? Why does a certain individual achieve laser like focus on their diet, while the majority crash and burn? What is it that underpins excellence amongst a sea of mediocrity?

The answer to all three questions is encompassed in the words . . . the subconscious mind.

We all have a subconscious mind. But very few of us know how to unleash its near magical potential in order to drive us toward the inevitable fulfillment of our goals. Let’s find out how.

Power of the Subconscious

We can think of the mind like an iceberg. The part that we are most familiar with is like the part of the iceberg that sticks out of the water. That’s the conscious mind – the rational, thinking, analytical part. Every second it is receiving a myriad of messages from our 5 senses and using it’s power of reason and logic to make decisions. But there’s another part, like the 80% of the iceberg that is under water, that is also at work. We call it the subconscious mind, and it is the real driver of our destiny.

Your subconscious mind lacks the ability to reason things out. It is like a robot that accepts every command that is given to it without question. It never questions, never argues, never talks back. It believes every message that it receives and carries out behaviors based upon those messages. One way to access and control the thoughts that penetrate the subconscious is through spaced repetition. Spaced repetition involves repeated suggestion with emotional content. It means that you have to take control of the programming of your brain, to mold your subconscious to allow it to fulfill their goals.

Taking Control

Your subconscious mind is under the control of your conscious mind. So, the things that you think about repeatedly are what filter through to it and what control your unthinking actions. Negative self talk, like “I’ll always be fat,” will be interpreted and acted upon in the form of actions that counter mine your fat loss efforts. You’ll cheat on your nutrition plan, skip workouts and do all manner of self-defeating actions. It will ensure that your brain and nervous system will be like a self guided missile that will propel to the target that your conscious has programmed into the subconscious – either negative or positive.

We can’t be thinking about nothing. And what we think about is either positive or negative. Your job has got to be to banish negative thoughts from your mind. Kick them out. Let it be known that they are not welcome and will not be tolerated. Even positive thoughts that are framed negatively are no good. For instance, telling yourself, “I wish I could work out, but I don’t have the time,” is a self defeating statement. By taking control and saying, “I love working out and will always make time to do it,” you’re taking control.

Psychologists tell us that we think up to 60,000 thoughts each day – and 98% of them are negative. Imagine how that is affecting the subconscious. 22 million negative thoughts a year – it’s a wonder that we ever achieve anything! Yet, the one thing in life that we always have control over is our thoughts. To finally achieve your fat loss goals, you have simply got to master it – to program your brain for success. Life Coaching guru Zig Ziglar used to refer to ‘stinkin’ thinking’ and your life has no place for it. So, the moment you find yourself in the midst of a negative thought, weed it out. Then straight away replace it with a positive thought. Rewrite it with a positive affirmation that will reinforce rather than ruin your physical goals.

Make no mistake about it – this is not psycho babble mumbo jumbo. This is the missing key to your fat loss, muscle building and fitness endeavors, the reason that, up until now, you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve physically. The time to take control is now. Here are a half dozen ways to change negative thoughts into positive ones . . .

 Negative: I have a slow metabolism

Positive: My metabolism is getting faster every day

Negative: I hate being fat

Positive: I’m getting leaner each day

Negative: I hate cardio

Positive: How great am I going to feel after I finish my workout today?

Negative: I’m tired of working out and getting nowhere

Positive: I am doing whatever it takes

Negative: I don’t have the time to work out

Positive: I have time for anything I’m committed to

Negative: I hate being fat

Positive: I love that I’m getting leaner every day

By not allowing negativity to dwell inside your head, you will free yourself of the ‘stinkinthinkin’ that is robbing the majority of the people you rub shoulders with of achieving their goals. Rather, you will be able to harness the limitless power of your subconscious mind to achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Checkout Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by James Jensen.

Also, Be sure to take advantage of 15% Of At HellaLife! Use code “TY15” at checkout.

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Mindset: Get Your Mind in the Game

Roger Bannister crossing the tape at the end of his record breaking mile run at Iffley Road, Oxford. He was the first person to run the mile in under four minutes, with a time of 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Original Publication: Aldus Disc - People & Personalities - 1353 - 12 (Photo by Norman Potter/Central Press/Getty Images)

Roger Bannister crossing the tape at the end of his record breaking mile run at Iffley Road, Oxford. He was the first person to run the mile in under four minutes, with a time of 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Original Publication: Aldus Disc – People & Personalities – 1353 – 12 (Photo by Norman Potter/Central Press/Getty Images)

The Impossible Barrier


Four numbers that may not mean much to you. But they did to Roger Bannister. Bannister was the first person to run a sub-four minute mile. This was a barrier that was once thought to be impossible. It had been tried, without success, since the time of the Ancient Romans. People in white suits even claimed that it was beyond the realms of human evolution.

But Roger Bannister had other ideas.

Bannister decided that this ‘impossible’ feat not only could be done, but that it would be done – and done by him. And, he was going to break the four minute barrier by doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing. Bannister ran less mileage, but he did so far more intensely. And the rest is history.

Yet, the really interesting thing was what happened after Bannister broke the record. It took only 46 days for his record to be broken. And from there, the record just kept getting smashed. Today, that barrier that was once deemed that impossible has been broken by an incredible 16:87 seconds. It now stands at 3:43:13.

 Smashing Mental Barriers

The story of Bannister and 3:59:4 is absolutely vital to every guy who has ever walked into a gym and tried to lift a weight. Why? Because it reveals a fundamental truth which prevents the vast majority of people from ever achieving their potential in the gym . . .

Barriers to success are nearly always mental.

People will tell you lots of things to prevent you from making progress. You will hear them talk about the limiting factors of genetic potential, age, that you can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time or that there’s no way that you’ll ever make it into the 300-pound bench club.

Don’t believe them. Do not allow self-defeating limitations to crowd you into a little box where your capabilities are fixed. Rather, take a lesson from Roger Bannister and reach for a lofty goal. But then break it down into bite-size portions that are attainable. Each of these mini goals becomes a stepping-stone to your ultimate goal. Bannister didn’t run a sub-4 minute mile. In his head all he was concerned was knocking off the quarter mile in under 30 seconds. And then doing it again. And again. And again.

If you, like Bannister and every successful athlete after him, are able to break down barriers in your mind, ever limitation will cease to exist. Perhaps the most famous athlete of the last 100 years was a master at it. One day a reporter asked Muhammad Ali how many push ups he could do. Ali’s answer underwhelmed him . . .

About eight or nine.

“What! Just eight or nine?” the reporter retorted.

Ali’s answer was telling . . .

“I only start counting when I can’t do any more.”

Ali knew that fatigue and exhaustion are the point where losers stop. He also that fatigue and exhaustion are barriers – they are not stopping points. However, that is the point where 99% of people do stop. For the greatest athlete of the 20th century, however, they were the starting point. Maybe, there’s a lesson in there for us.

When you walk into the gym, see yourself as a warrior. Zone in on your workout so that your mind is transfixed on what you are going to accomplish.

Break down your training into sets and reps and focus exclusively on what you need to accomplish on that next set.

Nothing else matters.

Be in the moment. Make the mind muscle connection. Don’t be like most guys whose minds are wandering while they are training – even while they are in the middle of their set. By being in the moment, you are teaching yourself to stay present, focused and active. This will allow you to push beyond your physical barriers – and into the zone that actually builds muscle.

Key Points:

Don’t allow barriers to prevent you from reaching your potential

When your body says stop, is when you mind must say go

Break down your goals into achievable parts

Focus like a laser beam on what’s immediately in front of you

Remember in order to live that HellaLife, you’re going to have too not only train the body but also the mind.



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